“Can you imagine a world without racism? What would that world look like? What would you give to make that world possible? Better yet, what would you give up to make that world possible?”
— Pedro S. Silva II, Bending Racism With Your Mind

One Thousand Arms hosts retreats and workshops, and provides consulting services, on how white people can use meditation as a tool in our work to dismantle racism.


5-part series that explore the topic of how white people can use meditation to examine our own racial conditioning and see how it is connected to structural racism. Workshops include meditation, contemplations on race and racism, and discussion.

Retreats present an opportunity to delve deeply into our exploration of race and racism. Retreat participants gather at a retreat center, typically in a very serene and natural environment, and are immersed in a weekend exploration of our own racial conditioning and how it is connected to structural racism. 

Organizational consulting is for nonprofit and corporate organizations that want to examine racial dynamics within their organizations through meditation, and make institutional and structural changes within their organizations to improve organizational effectiveness. 

“Kara is a highly skilled meditation instructor and teacher. She inspires confidence in our students and helps them develop mindfulness and awareness. She is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of how to integrate meditation into everyday life.”
— Jayne Sutton, Director, Shambhala Meditation Center of Washington, D.C.