Dismantling Racism: Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting is for nonprofit and corporate organizations that want to examine racial dynamics within their organizations through meditation, and make institutional and structural changes within their organizations to improve organizational effectiveness. Studies show that enhancing racial equity is not only an ethical thing to do, it also helps organizations function more effectively by helping them relate better internally and with their external partners. The structure of this work is flexible—One Thousand Arms will work with organizations to develop a consulting structure that is of greatest benefit to the organization.

“Kara is a creative and rigorous thinker. She has the ability to mobilize a large, nationwide team to complete a complex analysis and distill findings into a persuasive, compelling product. She understands what is important and why it’s important and does a great job of bringing others along and profoundly changing the way something is viewed. I loved working with her.”
— - Sarah Solon, former Communications Strategist, American Civil Liberties Union.