Project: A Workshop for Using Meditation to Deconstruct Race and Racism

Americans who are perceived to be 'white' are in a unique position to dismantle racism as a system of oppression. Many of us have a sincere desire to deconstruct race and racism, but we may feel stymied or confused about what to do and even about whether we can do anythingMeditation can help. Meditation is fundamentally about becoming familiar with our own minds and examining our tendency to engage in habitual thinking, and this workshop proceeds from the understanding that racism is an example of a habitual thought pattern. According to this logic, we can use meditation to unpack race-based habitual thought patterns. The workshop includes meditation instruction, talks on race and systemic racism, contemplation, and discussion. It is intended for American descendants of Europeans. The workshop presents a caring and non-judgmental way to examine the way race works in our own minds.